B. Bartok - A. Schnittke

Sample 1: B. Bartok - Concerto for viola and orchestra - 1st movement: Moderato
Sample 2: A. Schnittke - Concerto for viola and orchestra - 2nd movement: Allegro molto

K. Stamitz - K. Penderecki

"[...] richly coloured, sophisticated sound characteristics [...]", "[...] amazing balance between airiness and sound intensity [...]", [...] colourful and with much passion [...]", Zeitschrift "Kultura", Sofia, 15.3.2002
Sample 1: K. Stamitz - Concerto for viola and orchestra in D major - 3rd movement: Rondo (Allegretto)
Sample 2: K. Penderecki - Concerto per viola ed orchestra

J.-M. Leclair

Very first recording worldwide of all six sonatas for two violas by J.-M. Leclair.
"[...] competent and lovely sounded always [...]", "They find the characteristiv trait of every single movement and present the cycle as challanging chamber music." (Das Orchester, 10/01)
Sample: J.-M. Leclair - Sonata for two violas, No. 6 in E-flat major - 1st movement: Allegro

J. Brahms - A. Honegger

"[...] Wolfgang Manz' claviature mirrors a nacre-coloured glimmer which fits wonderfully the velved sounds of his partner. Qualities wich accomodate Brahms' both sonatas [...] with their uninterrupted bacchanal flow in a pleasant way." (Luxemburger Wort 10/99)
Sample 1: J. Brahms - Sonata for Viola und Klavier, op. 120, No. 2 in E-flat major - 1st movement: Allegro amabile
Sample 2: A. Honegger - Sonate pour alto et piano - 1st movement: Vivace

W.A. Mozart

Sample: W.A. Mozart - Sinfonia concertante E-flat major KV 364 - 1st movement: Allegro maestoso (Kadenz)